Achievement before A.M.P. 

Okayama University, 2010

These paintings were donated by an artist and displayed in Okayama University. The paintings illustrate the landscape of Okayama prefecture. The donation was has been appreciated by many and become a pillar of the AMP art collection.

Institute of Plant Science and Resources, Okayama University 


Two paintings are hung in the director and conference rooms at the IPSR at Okayama University. One painting depicts circular modern building near Okayama castle and another illustrates old style housing in Aomori prefecture.

Osaka University, 2011


Art work donated through AMP is exhibited inside a renovated building which used to be the Graduate School of Engineering in Osaka University. An old beer manufacturing plant in Suita city which has since been dismantled is depicted in the work. This painting is popular among elderly professors because there used to be a building for the Study of Brewing in Osaka University.

Kyoto University, 2012


A large painting was donated to  iCeMS in its new office in Kyoto University.  The founder and Director of iCeMS explains  "The painting embodyies the fusion of material and science and perfectly fits idea of iCeMS."